How to Get Deeper Penetration

If you are struggling to find ways to mix it up with your partner, maybe you and your partner would benefit from deeper penetration. This can give a great change in pace, and is as simple as trying out a few new positions!


One of the best positions to get deeper penetration is forward-facing cowgirl. Have your partner lie on his back, and then straddle him and slowly ease his penis in so that you are reaching maximum penetration.

If you’re looking to go even deeper, try spreading your legs and pressing your hands onto his chest for support. You could also ask him to support your hips and raise his, allowing for G spot stimulation.

Missionary – But Better

Another great position for deep penetration is missionary. Hear me out- this is a little bit different than the missionary you might be used to, and women will need to be a little bit bendy in order for this to work.

Laying on your back, pull your knees up to your chest, or rest your calves on your partners back while he enters. If you can’t do this, try putting a pillow or wedge under your hips for G spot stimulation (and for deeper penetration!).

Kitchen Counter

If you’re feeling a little adventurous and want to get out of your comfort zone, try having sex on the kitchen counter! Sit with your legs over the edge, and then allow your partner to pull your hips towards them and enter you.

Keep your legs spread as wide as possible, so your partner can get really deep. Try propping yourself up on your elbows to see their penis disappearing inside of you while you’re receiving deep penetration.

Dirty Dancing

This position for to get deeper penetration will need core strength on the man’s part, or flexibility on the woman’s part.

First, start standing face to face. If possible, have him lift you up by the butt so that you are straddling him at the hip, and have him insert his penis for deep penetration. If he can’t lift you up, try lifting your leg above his shoulder or at peck-height, and from that point he can enter you for deep penetration.

There won’t be much mobility in this position, but both you and your partner will enjoy the deep sensation.

The Caboose

This position is one that most people don’t end up trying in their lifetime, but it can be really great for deep penetrative sex!

Have your partner sit with his back straight and his legs spread apart so that you can fit in between. You will sit directly on him, and use his thighs for support.

It’s reverse cowgirl, but your back is against his chest so that his penis is in a different position. The Caboose is great for G spot stimulation, so give it a shot!

There are so many different ways that both you and your partner can enjoy deeper penetration while having sex, but the easiest and quickest way is to try a new position, and go from there.